Hello everyone! Vicky here and happy to tell you all my news of how Orchard Air – for so long just dreams and ideas – has now become a fully formed, furnished, functioning Cornish group escape that I hope will bring joy and wonder along with a deep sense of wellbeing and positive development to many, many people in the years to come.

Becoming a retreat venue

May 2017: The keys were in my hand. This wonderful property was going to become Orchard Air – Retreat and Activity Breaks Venue. I couldn’t quite believe I now owned a place like this! A little corner of heaven, light-filled and calming – which room did I like best?! Wandering outside I asked myself, “is this really my very own woodland?” as I looked across the stream to the huge Gunnera plants, seemingly in the wild Amazon!

I now had to furnish the main house – The Orchard – from top to bottom, ready for 14 guests; from tin-opener to sofas, pictures to 14 beds and 30 duvets. Not to mention all the DIY jobs and getting the garden into shape! But, within 5 weeks and 17-hour working days, I just about managed to get everything ready for summer holiday-let guests.

Once autumn came, I moved in for 8 months to oversee two projects; renovating the garden studio and clearing the woodland – my list of contractors became extensive!

In May 2018, the garden studio was looking lovely and the woodland’s circular walk was complete with fencing, steps and picnic table. There was a little further work to do behind the scenes in preparing Orchard Air so it would again be used for family holidays over the tourist season. Luckily, I was still able to stay now and again during our amazing summer…

Summer days on my own private retreat

Each day I’d wake up really early to sunshine and birdsong all around. The days were spent in bikini, working on my laptop outside in the shady areas of the garden or in the garden studio or at the picnic table in the woods. Pleasant locations make it much more fun to tap away at a computer!

Then in the evening at 6pm, a short drive and I’d be walking along the golden sands of Rock for a soothing evening swim. So much space and with the beach almost to myself, all I hear is water lapping and distant skylarks on the dunes, boats purring as they leave the estuary to the wide open ocean in the distance – it really felt like the Mediterranean.

And the sunsets! Gold and pink all over the sky – accompanying a drink by the beach at Rock or the backdrop to a dramatic cliff walk at a secret spot near Padstow.

How I love being outdoors on days like these!

Back to work …. and the website was finally ready. During the summer, amongst other things, it was time to concentrate on the rest of the marketing. I had a great place ready for all kinds of wonderful groups and it was time to let people know about it!

What project of yours has been worth all the long hours?

Orchard Air
Blackberry bedroomFloor shot in lounge of Orchard Air retreat venue in Cornwall