Everything has gone into winter mode now at The Orchard and for the creatures and birds, it’s a more challenging time of year with cold temperatures and food more difficult to find.

We’re lucky that the log-burner and Rayburn keep it cosy inside The Orchard.  As a break from the hustle of shops and bustle of busyness, here are some nice simple ways of enjoying this time of year…

Some simple ideas for the Christmas period

*   Make mulled cider and keep it on the hob ready for any visitors: warm up equal measures of cider and apple juice, add dark brown sugar, cinnamon, allspice, cloves and finish with sliced oranges.

*   Sing – sing – sing your heart out at a church or charity carol service.

*   With friends or family, suggest a fun charity shop challenge instead of new gifts – find the best presents for each other you can and agree that any that aren’t wanted can even be donated again!

*   Make a thermos of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and take it with you for an early morning frosty walk up a hill.   Warm up with a drink at the top whilst admiring the views.

*   Relax in a candle-lit bubble bath, then cosy-up in pyjamas, fluffy socks and a blanket, surrounded by cushions on a comfy sofa either with a book or a film.

*   Get crafty, making homemade decorations whilst listening to Christmas music.

*   Look forward to a new year and start dreaming!  What new things would you like to focus on, experience and improve?  Write down your ideas and decorate the page to remind and encourage you throughout the coming year.

*   Wrap up warm on a crisp sunny day for some outdoor meditation in nature.

What simple things do you enjoy at this time of year?

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