The last Retreat Tips post looked at choosing a venue and now we look at ensuring the venue runs smoothly for you…

You’ve carefully chosen your perfect venue, so when you arrive, you can just get on with running your retreat – right?  That’s the perfect scenario, but it may not always be the case.  Sometimes, there can be surprises – things you envisaged differently or things you expected or didn’t expect!

1)   Ask the retreat venue beforehand

First of all, consider everything in detail during the planning stage and ask the venue for any answers; the venue will probably want to help out as much as possible.  Questions to ask:

 a) How things work.  Get to know all you can about the property before your guests arrive – you don’t want to be trying to set the heating, figuring out how to work the cooker or hunting for keys to the yoga room for half an hour with guests waiting!

 b) General provisions.  What towels, soap, cleaning equipment, fuel etc are provided?

c) Cleaning and laundry services.  Is cleaning offered during your stay?  Will replacement towels be provided for longer stays?

d) If you’re catering: kitchen equipment & consumables.  Ensure everything you need to create your recipes is there or that you bring it.  Is there salt & pepper, herbs & spices, foil, clingfilm, tupperware for left-overs?

2)  Create solutions in advance

Next, think through in advance any issues that could arise and how you’d solve them.

3)  Stay calm and creative

Expect that you may have some things to tackle or change on your arrival and during your retreat.  Staying calm whilst thinking on your feet will help you think laterally and find solutions!

4)  Try your best and be honest

And finally, if you can’t find a solution, be open and honest with your guests; most guests will be understanding if there’s nothing you can do but you tried your best.  They may even be able to suggest a way that would keep them happy enough, even if you don’t manage to solve the problem.

Have you ever had an unexpected venue surprise?!

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