Summer outdoors at Orchard Air is really idyllic, so I thought I’d give you a guided tour!

From the Lane

As you enter The Orchard from the tree-lined lane, you’ll find yourself at the top of the grounds overlooking two colourful front gardens, full of ferns and flowering shrubs.

You’ll see the apple tree full of rosy-red apples, deep red maples, palm trees and a variety of outdoor seating.

Walking along the top path then down steps between these two little gardens, you’ll arrive at the house.

Keep walking around and you’re on the main patio with garden furniture and a path leading up to the garden studio where there is a further patio.

Turn around and there is a winding set of stone steps to take you down to the lower gardens.

The Lower Gardens

A large area of lawn is surrounded by trees and you see the larger side of the house and another patio area.

Maybe stop for a few minutes on the tree-swing!

Next, you can either proceed down the bank to the left, take the wooden steps in the centre or take the hidden stone ‘secret steps’ to the right.

You’re now at the next level of grass, bordered by bamboo. Keep walking down and you’ll find yourself in The Glade – a large secluded area of grass with a ring of wood logs – a great area for group activities.

In the Woods

Here you’ll also find an entrance on each side to the woods and a lovely woodland walk.

The atmosphere in the woods is so different to that at the top, where you started!

At the farthest end is a picnic bench for peaceful gatherings or lunches to the background of birdsong and the trickling stream below.

And if you’d like to take your group for an early morning or evening walk, a circular walk straight out of The Orchard takes you across fields overlooking the Camel Estuary below, along lanes and through woodland.

Can you see your group enjoying the outdoors at Orchard Air?

Orchard Air is a retreat venue in Cornwall, UK that accommodates up to 14 people.

Orchard Air