You may have gathered I have a love of nature and the outdoors, which probably isn’t unusual for someone running a retreat venue in Cornwall!  And when I was confined inside in my last desk-job on a lovely sunny day, it led to a foot-stamping incident.  My friend/ex-boss still laughs about that fortunately.  Some things haven’t changed since childhood!

Childhood Outdoors

On summer days, I’d be running around with the neighbours, on my skateboard, making dens, making models from dug-up clay, drawing from nature or being a character in an adventure scenario.

Otherwise, I’d spend time training and walking my dog or enjoying watching him diving off the river bank.  I’d be cycling to the shops or looking for frogs and newts in the local fields and ponds.  I always associate the call of the wood pigeon with balmy summer nights as I continued playing badminton whilst the sun went down.

Outdoors at this Cornish retreat venue

And this time of year is really wonderful to be outside at The Orchard.  The vivid colours in the garden and the unique locations within it make a peaceful paradise on a sunny day – perfect for group accommodation at a retreat venue in Cornwall!  And if I have to work indoors myself, I’ll take my coffee-break on the tree swing.

The variety of outdoor areas offers spaces suitable for different group activities.  At the top of the property, between the house and the garden studio, are the two intimate tropical gardens, full of colourful shrubs, trees and two palm trees.  Garden benches and tables and chairs provide a place to work outside or just chat.  Then there are steps down to the patio outside the kitchen with tables and chairs too.

Continuing via the patio down the curved stone steps at the side of the house, you come to the lawned back garden – a spacious area for games perhaps.  Yoga could come outdoors here too and there’s the tree swing.

The central steps lead down to a lower area and if you go a little further, you’ll be in the woodland glade – a grassy area in a sheltered spot screened by bamboo, with tree stumps forming a gathering circle in the centre. This provides a great space for meditative activities.

The woodland and beyond

Beyond this is the woodland.  With its circular woodland walk and stream at the bottom, you would think you were in a completely new location – wild and natural.  A picnic bench by the curving wooden steps at the end is perched amongst the woods, looking down towards the stream and across to the neighbouring farmland.  A great place to take your thoughts and perhaps a pencil and paper.

Apart from the grounds of The Orchard, there is the Circular Walk which takes 1-1.5 hours across neighbouring farmland and woodland with views of the Camel Estuary.  And then there are the infinite beaches, cliff walks and country walks of Cornwall.  My dream – an activity venue in Cornwall offering so many beautiful places to be outdoors!

Where is your favourite place to be outdoors on a sunny day?

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