The beautiful and varied leaves around The Orchard have been gradually falling from their trees to carpet the grass below them.  Taken by the wind are the wide leaves of the Indian bean tree, the ginger foliage of its companion, the copper beech and the glorious rich red maples in front of the garden studio.

It has been a lovely autumn – kicking up the leaves in wellies and woollies – rusts, oranges and greens against a sky of blue.  Trees are one of my favourite things and this time of year, they really are magnificent.  On nearby countryside and clifftop walks, I’ve been collecting little aspects of nature, hoping to use them in a future creative work.

Nature retreats indoors

And that leads me to how I like to bring natural things into my home…

Looking around, there are things living in The Orchard that originally lived outdoors.  Like fir-cones, creating a feature in a basket and there are pebbles from the beach.  I love wandering along the shore-line, bare-foot, marvelling at the wonderful array nature has provided of shapes, sizes, textures and colours of stone with the occasional gem of smoothed glass nestled amongst them.

And of course there are the sticks!  For a short time, I worked and walked in London.  That is, I stayed in two very central hostels so that I could walk to work in Victoria, rather than be tethered to tubes or buses. One morning through Green Park, I spotted a gorgeous sandy-coloured branch that had fallen from one of the plane trees.  Well I couldn’t resist.  Yes it was two metres long and it did cause a little humour when I arrived at the office and stored it under my desk for the day!  But now it has a new home in Cornwall and I’m waiting to see where its final place will be.  It may stay ‘natural’ or it may eventually form the basis of a mobile to hang in the garden studio.

How has nature come into your home?

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