The location of Orchard Air gives the benefit of being a secluded activity venue, whilst also being conveniently close to things, meaning you can scoot down the road into Wadebridge on a bike in just a couple of minutes. This is how I tend to do any food shopping, even if it’s uphill on the way back.  I don’t use the car because for me, it’s a no brainer…

Better for the environment, cheap, it gets me out in fresh air and my body out of laptop-chimp position to feel better, look better and stay healthier!

When I was about 30, having written my car off on the way to the airport, on my return, I thought ‘why not try using my bike before rushing to replace the car’; back then, I’d strangely only ever seen my bike as a summer thing.  And for 15 years after that, to my surprise, I never once thought ‘I wish I had a car’ – even through the most rainy of days.  I’ve probably saved a fortune.  And I’ve got fitter and fitter.

Tips on Getting Started with Cycling

If you left behind your bike with your teenage years, then my tips to getting started are:

1)  You don’t need a special bike or any special gear (lycra outfit not needed!), but do add oil and pump up the tyres!  And if you don’t know how, ask your local bike shop to check brakes, wheels etc.

2)  Wear the right clothes for the weather:  Waterproofs and layers in winter – sunscreen with sunglasses for sun AND flies in summer.

3)  Take a few things with you:  Water, a little food, emergency cash, phone, pump (and maybe a repair kit).

4)  Start small!  Weekend cycles – maybe an hour with a picnic – and gradually work up to bigger longer journeys as your confidence grows.  As time goes on, it will all become second nature!

At Orchard Air Retreat & Activity Breaks Venue

The group accommodation at Orchard Air is in a great location for a cycling break for any level of cycling.  It’s just a few minutes from the famous Camel Trail which is a flat lovely 30-60 minute route along the estuary to Padstow’s harbour and beaches or to Bodmin in the other direction.  There are the beautiful Bishops Woods on the way to Bodmin and you can cycle on from Bodmin to 890 acres of National Trust land at Llanydrock with dedicated mountain bike trails through beautiful ancient woodland.  You can also arrive at Orchard Air via a lovely 1.5 hour cycle direct from the Bodmin Parkway train station.

We really welcome cycle groups at Orchard Air so if you’d like group accommodation to bring your cycle friends for a fun stay in Cornwall, do get in touch!

What are your favourite things about life on two wheels?!

Orchard Air