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Who is Orchard Air for?

Orchard Air is an ideal venue for a trainer, art/craft teacher, yoga teacher, walk/cycle leader, personal development practitioner, bush-craft leader, spiritual teacher, creative writing tutor, coach, music facilitator, TEFL teacher, business/charity leader, therapist or bird-watching leader.

What can Orchard Air be used for?

Orchard Air has multiple uses including as a Cornish retreat, a group holiday venue in Cornwall, an activity space with workshop facility, a centre for training and mini conferences, group accommodation, away-day team-building or hire for group gatherings.

What does Orchard Air give you?

For you…

It provides a simple way to run a memorable retreat or group break which helps raise your teaching or leadership to a new level and creates a community around you.  It earns you a good income whilst also giving you a refreshing and enjoyable week away doing what you love.

For your guests…

It gives your guests an inspiring and fun week away together, to build new friendships, increase their skills and add an unforgettable experience to their life.

And now, a bit about us

Vicky Edwards - face close up on cliff near Padstow, Cornwall
Vicky Edwards, Orchard Air

“With a lot of interests including a love of nature and the outdoors, creativity and spirituality, I’ve always imagined a centre where everything I enjoy can be shared with other people to inspire everyone in a communal setting. 

I was lucky enough to find The Orchard!

A variety of jobs in organisational roles, voluntary posts and travel experiences has created a great basis for running Orchard Air.  Apart from UK, I’ve lived in Italy and Australia, enjoying different cultures teaching foreign students and through extended trips to other parts of the world.”

Our ethos is simplicity, calm and community

The inspiration that comes from combining activity with relaxation is amplified in a group experience.
Nothing complicated, just doing simple things in a calm atmosphere, creating a feeling of community during time spent together so that everyone leaves feeling refreshed and inspired.

Living communally is an important and enjoyable part of the stay; eating together and sharing rooms.
Part of the fun of staying at The Orchard is the spirit of helping each other, helping out with simple chores and the friendly and harmonious atmosphere this creates.

Orchard Air


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