Do you love imagining, inventing and making things? In setting up Orchard Air I wanted to provide a place where people could have fun getting creative and when I look back at what I enjoyed as a child, creativity encompassed so much of it…

Firstly, ahead of anything else was drawing and making.  My most common phrase was ‘Mu-u-um, what shall I make?’  I also loved composing tunes on the piano or in my band with the neighbours.  It wasn’t exactly tuneful!

Nowadays, with not quite enough time to fit in my rather long list of interests, my music is limited to glancing at my guitar and piano or picking up the ukulele and harmonica that I can play one tune each upon. Otherwise, I attend the local folk club, singing group and listen to live music at local venues and festivals as often as possible.  But one day I intend to play drums and write an international hit!

My art and craft creations are also far fewer these days, although I did set 6 months aside a few years ago to write and illustrate my first (and probably only!) children’s book, ‘Following The Fox’s Tail’.

The creative space at our retreat

So now, Orchard Air is the place where all of this fun creativity can happen!  The garden studio is a light airy space to get together and create – with the log burner in the corner and windows onto the garden, it really is pleasant and relaxing. It’s also practical, with various set-ups possible to accommodate all types of activities and the adjoining studio kitchen means water and other facilities are at hand too.  And it’s nice being detached from the house, making it a separate creative space.  There is the acre of garden and woodland too which help creative juices flow and not forgetting the selection of gorgeous beaches, cliff walks and other wonderful nature outdoors.

Let’s all get creative!

So, here’s a call to all – let’s get knitting, sewing, fabric crafting, jewellery-making, drawing, painting, singing, song-writing, music-making, perhaps even dancing and acting!

What is your favourite way of being creative?

Orchard Air