Have you enjoyed more creativity recently?

Whilst some people have had a very difficult or busy time, others have found themselves with extra time to spend on their creative pursuits or to instigate a project they’ve long meant to.  And the satisfaction of making something yourself can really help you feel good.

The last six weeks for me have included a massive accumulation of new exciting information which I’ve been voraciously reading and listening to.  I’m wondering if that inspiration will transform in some way into music, art, design or poetry.

The images are of some of my past creations:  The large-scale nature snail I helped some youngsters create.  My booklet story about the dog that went to Glastonbury; a happy 50th to Glastonbury this month, sadly a quieter celebration than anticipated!  A little dog character for greetings cards.

…And here is a poem from last year, on a subject which could relate to our current situation.


~ Hope & Faith ~

 Hope is on the lookout                                                       

A dainty bird                                                                        

High in the slender upper branches

Singing fleetingly                                                                            

Hope feels a breeze

Sways with a bending bow

Flutters with the flock to another tree


Whilst striding steadfastly below

Is Faith;

Onward towards the horizon onward

No conceptions                                                                      

One foot follows another                                                   


Treads a dusty unused track


In what ways do you use your creativity?    

I look forward to welcoming creative groups when we can again, to enjoy communal time making art, music, dance, drama, writing or anything else!  Read more about bringing a creative group to Cornwall here.

Orchard Air is a retreat venue in Cornwall, UK that accommodates up to 14 people.

Orchard Air