Winter’s here again at Orchard Air and another year is drawing to an end.  Today, although a little chilly, everything’s looking sharp and bright in winter sunlight.  Christmas is coming and the two robins are getting festive, hopping about in the hedge as usual.  A walk around outside before breakfast is a nice way to start the day…

Down in the woods

Down in the woods, it’s quiet and bright this time of year.  The canopy of leaves that enclosed it during the summer months has fallen and opens it up to thin rays of sun resting on the woodland floor.  Distant sounds from the fields break the silence but add to the calm serenity.  It’s a natural meditation as thoughts, wrapped in nature, become still.  Twigs snap and leaves crackle under wandering feet.

Following the pathway

Following the pathway, an ensemble of soft sounds is accompanied by the trickling percussion of the stream below.  There’s a sudden bird squabble from the bushes along the Cornish hedge.  I meander up the secret steps to the lawn above – lush with sparkling dew in the morning light.  Then as I cross the lawn, I’m enticed over by the tree-swing to take a seat – a little time of tranquil swaying, back and forth, daydreaming.  A blackbird hops onto the grass in front of me for a second before quickly taking flight again.  The sudden movement nudges me to jump off the swing…time to get on with things!

And back up the steps

I trot up the steps that curve around the side of the house onto the top patio and find myself back in a more domestic setting, looking in through patio doors to the bright kitchen.  It’s time to get a cup of something warm and add a little action to this relaxed and peaceful start to the day!

If you’re spending some of your festive days planning next year’s retreat, here are some tips to help:

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas!

Orchard Air