I’ve been mesmerised by the echoing evening calls of a tawny owl around The Orchard this week, calling to another in the distance.  It’s so nice to be surrounded by wildlife and I always enjoy the daily visits by the robins, wrens and many types of finches and tits to the patio area in addition to the plentiful blackbirds, wood pigeons and thrushes in the main garden.

Birdwatching on The Camel Trail

I’m hoping the bird of prey nesting in the woods may also return at some point so I can find out exactly what it was and that I may see swallows nesting in the car-port again.  On cycles to Padstow along the Camel Estuary below The Orchard, there are often groups of bird-watchers with binoculars examining the many unique birds of this habitat.

And talking of wetlands, the mild pleasant weather this winter has been very different to the rains of this time last year.  And that’s not the only thing that has changed in a year, comparing where Orchard Air is now, to just one year ago.  Now everything is all set up and I can fully immerse myself in the exciting times to come…

Pilates and wellness retreats

The new year began by welcoming Kalon Wellness Experiences and their guests for a pilates and nutrition-based retreat – a perfect way for guests to start the year – and being Royal Ballet and Moulin Rouge-trained, a great way to access top level expertise.  Everyone was treated to top-quality barre and pilates lessons, nutritional advice, massages and delicious freshly-prepared vegan meals.

In February and March, we have Make Me a Plan on retreat – continuing the theme of getting this new year off to a great start.  Founder of Make Me a Plan, Anna Pascoe, will help individuals on the retreat make their own personal masterplan for health and happiness in their life.

And I’m pleased to announce a special retreat that I’ll be helping to run in November where Sue Brayne, author and well-regarded facilitator, will be exploring the spirituality of life and death.

Retreats and activity group holidays of all types

And this is just the start.  In future, I’d love to welcome many diverse groups – from spiritual to cycling, music and singing to art and creative writing, self-development to walking and bird-watching groups.

There will be poetry and contemplation in the woods, cookery demonstrations around the kitchen bar, relaxed chats in the lounge, spiritual wisdom in the glade, buddhist talks and yoga in the garden studio and groups of walkers/cyclists/birders hungrily awaiting food after a long day outdoors.

Let me know if you have dreams of running anything like this – or something completely different.  I’d love to help your dream become a reality!  Have a look at the ‘Creating Your Retreat’ page of the Orchard Air website to give you some ideas and see what extra activities a retreat group could do here too.

What type of retreat or activity break would you love to run – perhaps even just for you and your friends?

Orchard Air